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  1. closetwarrior on said:

    I could see myself getting really super hammered in that place. They had my
    favorite beer, which is of course all of them. Really smart burger move by
    Kelsey too I bet that sauerkraut was great on there.

    If you guys ever go back I think I saw Blue Moon on the American beer list,
    you should give it a try if you haven’t had it before it’s like beer made
    out with an orange.?

  2. Holly Tilln on said:

    Oh! Would that happen to be the necklace that you showed in your “Day in my
    Life: Harajuku & Shibuya” video? It’s super cute!?

  3. LovelyDray on said:

    Yay, as a German I’m glad you liked the Curry Wurst and Sauerkraut 😀
    Weirdly enough I don’t like beer at all (despite being German) but that
    place still looks awesome!?

  4. Arsat74 on said:

    From germany : your welcome 🙂 But normal curry sausage is with pommes and
    with ketchup or in east or north it is with mayo or both,?

  5. Hulkeq2 on said:

    Belgium !
    Those silly people at the café swapped the E and the I. It’s Kriek, krieken
    are sour cherries.
    Kriek is a lambic beer where they add up to half a pound of sour cherries
    to a liter of lambic during the fermentation process.
    It’s worth glancing through the process if you’re curious..

    I’m not much of a drinker, but when I go out I usually drink the one next
    to it on the picture in your video (Hoegaarden). I usually stick to the
    same beer for the whole night.?

  6. SwMrSw on said:

    Oh my gooood !!!!! °^° So many kind of beer ! And of course, your friend
    choose the “Kriek” from Belgium 😉 (in France we tell the name like that:
    I have to come for taste, it’s look like amazing !?

  7. Hulkeq2 on said:

    Also .. Curryworst (frikandel). Curryketchup both eaten in Belgium and
    Germany quite a lot.
    The key ingredient here is the Zeisner Curry Ketchup. If you ever see a
    bottle in a european supermarket buy it.

    In Belgium it’s quite often eaten by cutting the sausage in 2 lengthwise ,
    add curry ketchup , mayonnaise , chopped onion the whole thing together is
    called a “Frikandel Special”. or colloquially in some parts “Een open
    ruggetje” which translates intio “spina bifida”?

  8. PianoHaiku on said:

    yay another beanie 😀 I will be quite sad when the winter’s over cause you
    won’t wear them anymore…?

  9. Hey Sharla, i’m 18 and i’ve been wondering if I would be able to order beer
    in Japan? Thank you :3 (I’m Canadian)?

  10. WanderingJim on said:

    Cool, you actually went someplace I have been to in Tokyo. The funny thing
    is that the restaurant you were at is loosely based on one that I worked at
    for 16 years. The decor and uniforms are the same style, as is the german
    styled food. Story is that a Japanese businessman visited our restaurant
    and enjoyed it so much he borrowed some of the themes for his own concept.
    Even some of the advertising poses are copies of our old advertising. It
    was quite a kick for me to visit there, however it is expensive. I paid the
    equivalent of $15 american for one beer from Seattle. However i had so
    little luck finding good beer in Tokyo I almost ordered another.?

  11. oraora33 on said:

    Wait, beer that tastes good? Do you have any idea how dangerous that

  12. Maki Kuroneko on said:

    Oooohhhh must go next time I hit Sky Tree *3*?

  13. BiiBiiBap on said:

    100 different beers?! My boyfriend would love that. 😛 ?

  14. Uncle Elias on said:

    That German food looked better than the German food I had here in Florida.
    The beers are bigger here though.?

  15. Enne Farenzel on said:

    “Thank you Germany!”
    – Your Welcome!!!!!
    Love from Germany <3?

  16. Belgium represent! Haha :’D Now I now where to go if I get sick of Japanese
    food, while I’m in Tokyo.?

  17. Yoshikazu Hayashi on said:

    I like that video, as always, because it showed me scenes from good old
    Japan from a new, different angle ???? I also like the beer you took a sip
    of. That type is called Lambik, which is supposed to have been
    spontaneously fremented. Kriek is cerise is cherry (Dutch, French, and
    English) ?????

  18. Peach MilkyTea on said:

    That menu looks amazing, I would love to try some cool beer too! :D?

  19. Dochi Hoko on said:

    Yes, thank you Germany! ;)?

  20. Hector Ventura on said:

    Beer+Food is like paradise on earth! The only thing is that when I go to
    this kind of places is so hard to choose just one beer, I just wanna try
    them all ^^’. Apart from the restaurant they have any kind of beer
    exhibition or it’s possible to do some beer tasting? (like some kind of
    beer event… sorry I don’t know if I’m saying it the right way :$). One
    more place to add to my list of things to do if I ever go to Japan again,
    thank you! ;D ?

  21. OtakuBeauty on said:

    Hey-hey!! Greetings from Germany /^?^?

  22. IrgendEineZecke on said:

    Now I wan’t sauerkraut… but wait… I am from Germany and I know how to
    make it. I guess we will have sauerkraut tomorrow.?

  23. Michael Davison on said:

    Kelsey’s eye shadow matches her shirt and I like that lol I want to try
    that beer. When I go to Japan I’ll definitely have to go to this place.?

  24. Kat no Monogatari ? on said:

    Reasoning process on why it is oaky to finish one beer before work.
    #1) Smells like fruit…aka no alcohol breath!!
    #2) tastes like it…. therefore WORK SAFE 😉
    What is the Lotteria Challenge???

  25. tomoyasu kurahashi on said:


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