Pokémon Omega Ruby Wedlocke, Part 07: Fight at the Museum!

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  1. Marriland on said:

    It’s time for another episode of #ORWedlocke! Here’s Part 07: Fight at the
    Museum! Enjoy! #ORAS?

  2. Clay Ramsey on said:

    I think the better thing to do was heal, because the Quick Claw will never
    work when you need it, and having a cool 15/16 chance of survival is better
    than the low Quick Claw activate chance.?

  3. Loren Johansen on said:

    You could’ve saved them both, Marriland.
    Flame Burst did less than half damage, where Echoed Voice did over half.
    If Numel didn’t get a crit, (Which it didn’t) then healing Cassarole
    would’ve allowed for a victory with no losses.
    Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go cry over the loss of two amazing
    stars. :’C?

  4. Paddy Kelly on said:

    Wow that lisia voice
    Were you high on helium marriland?

  5. Infinity Master on said:

    Dat Lisia’s voice doe……..
    OMG so creepy……. O_O !!!!!!?

  6. luigifanfalife on said:

    Everyone saying that Marriland could’ve done something differently is

  7. hereonly2comment on said:


    I think for the team magma grunts, you should’ve kept with Pickles and
    Crisps for the battles, since you knew they would have fire types D:.
    We all make mistakes though, it wasn’t your fault, it was the 7% (or
    something like that) fault. ?

  8. Samuel_1802 on said:

    Will you try to get a Light Ball for Ketchup once wild Pikachu can be

  9. BellaJ on said:

    Casserole, the small and somewhat frail Pokémon had been itching for a
    battle. Casserole knew she wasn’t the strongest on the team but she wanted
    to impress her dreamy partner, Calzone, who didn’t really have a desire to
    be more than friends with Casserole.
    “Hey, Calzone?” Casserole said in a cute way.
    “What’s up, Casserole?” Calzone asked.
    “If I win this next battle, maybe…we could, you know,” Casserole paused
    struggling to get the words out, “Be more than friends…like Pickles and
    Crisps are.”
    Calzone let out a giggle “Sure, if you win. Be careful, though. I don’t
    want you getting hurt.” Calzone said kindly looking at Casserole.
    Hungry entered the large museum only to find the evildoers, Team Magma.
    “What are they doing here?” Hungry said in a huff not wanting to deal with
    Team Magma.
    Hungry, expecting a battle, looked into his bag checking the order of his
    Pokéballs making sure everything was in place.
    “I know you’ve been wanting to battle lately, Casserole,” Hungry said
    smiling at Casserole’s Pokéball, “If we’re going to need to fight Team
    Magma again, I’ll let you take the lead.”
    Casserole, hearing the words from her Pokéball was jumping up and down in
    “Yay! Yay!” Casserole yelled out for the other Pokémon to hear, “Hooray!”
    Casserole continued in excitement.
    Hungry went over to talk to the old man who was examining the model boat.
    He was confused as to why he wasn’t in Team Magma’s uniform. Was he a
    member? Upon talking to the man Hungry realized that this was the man he’d
    been looking for. Hungry sighed glad that he was able to deliver the parts
    that Mr. Stern needed.
    All of a sudden, Team Magma came out of nowhere ordering for the parts.
    Casserole, looking through her Pokéball knew this wasn’t really a good
    thing, but she had a rush of excitement knowing she was about to fight.
    The Team Magma Grunt threw out a Numel, both of them looking fully
    confident that they were going to win.
    “Numel…?” Hungry said looking slightly worried.
    Casserole came out letting out a small battle cry. She was fully ready to
    fight and win.
    “Casserole, use Echoed Voice!” Hungry yelled.
    “Focus Energy, Numel!” The Grunt yelled.
    Casserole obeyed the orders but, surprisingly, the Numel went first.
    “Focus energy…” Hungry said not feeling sure of himself anymore.
    “Shoot!” Casserole huffed after seeing the Numel go first.
    “Alright, Casserole, use Echoed Voice again!” Hungry shouted.
    “Numel, Flame Burst!” The Grunt yelled with a smug smile.
    The Numel, once again, went first. Casserole was knocked back to the wall
    barely alive.
    Casserole, barely able to move, weakly used Echoed Voice bring the Numel
    barely down to half.
    “Casserole!” Calzone screamed from inside the Pokéball.
    Calzone began to bang on the Pokéball desperate to get out and help.
    Tamale, who was also watching from his Pokéball, turned away, knowing this
    all too well.
    Hungry, shocked, reached for a Soda Pop but realized it’d be no help. He’d
    just have to rely on Casserole’s hold item, the Quick Claw.
    “I…I’m sorry Calzone, but I can’t.” Hungry said teary eyed knowing that
    he couldn’t send Calzone out, in would only kill them both.
    “Casserole, use Echoed Voice!!” Hungry screamed.
    Casserole, barely able to move got her Echoed Voice ready.
    “I-I…I’ll win…” Casserole said weakly.
    “Numel, Flame Burst!” The grunt happily shouted.
    The Quick Claw didn’t work. The Flame Burst went straight at Casserole.
    “NO!” Calzone screamed.
    Hungry, crying and barely able to stand looked at Calzone’s Pokéball
    hesitant to send him out. He knew that these were the rules…and Team
    Magma could easily kill everyone in the Museum if he didn’t do this.
    “C-Calzone…GO!” Hungry screamed.
    Calzone, ready to avenge his partner, came out readying his Gust.
    “Calzone…kill it Calzone…kill it!” Hungry shouted.
    “Numel, Flame Burst.” The Grunt calmly said.
    Calzone used gust, nearly killing the Numel.
    Hungry fell to his knees after realizing the Numel had lived.
    “Calzone…” Hungry said crying.
    Calzone, looking stunned, died a quick death.
    “T-Tamale!” Hungry yelled, “Kill it! Kill it!” Hungry said with flames in
    his eyes.
    Tamale came out shocked. He’d never seen his trainer in such a state, not
    even after Quiche died.
    Tamale obeyed his trainers orders, killing the Numel with a Quick Attack.
    Even after Numel had died, the Grunt didn’t even seemed fazed, he simply
    smiled at the sobbing Hungry.

    So, I hoped you guys liked! I noticed some other people doing this and
    decided to try it out. Tell me if I should do more! (Oh, and sorry for any
    grammar mistakes.)?

  10. SuperSparrow45 on said:

    Keep forgetting that crits are now 1.5x. That would’ve killed Casserole in
    2 hits regardless, so you’d still have to bank on quick claw. Oh well,
    sucks to lose any pokemon, but Beautifly and Whismur aren’t exactly major
    losses. Hope you get an Electrike next route. ?

  11. Zashiony on said:

    If Calzone had lived, who would the Pikachu had gone to – Tamale or Calzone?

    Also, if Calzone lived and Tamale was female, would the two be instantly

  12. BigKlingy on said:

    That “SPOILERS” bit was really funny. As was the Lisia voice, woah. But
    when you said you were going to get the Cosplay Pikachu as the new partner

    I used that Pikachu in a challenge too, and I have to say NO Pokemon has
    EVER consistantly let me down as much as it did. I tried to give it a
    chance, since Nuzlocke encounter rules are all about making you change your
    mind of Pokemon that might not be your favorites, and STILL it failed me at
    every single moment where it should have shined. Really, Pikachu without
    Light Ball is an awful, awful Pokemon even with the extra moves, bad
    offences and fragile defences. And you don’t get the Light Ball until after
    Winnona, which is too little too late IMO. Getting an Electrike at Route
    110 would have been so much better in the long run. Though you could’ve
    ended up with a Gulpin instead, which wouldn’t be all that bad either.

    Sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining. I just had a REALLY terrible
    experience with the Cosplay Pikachu to the point where I wouldn’t recommend
    it to anyone.

    As for the rest of the video, I don’t think there was much you could have
    done against those Grunts. I knew they were coming and was worried about
    Calzone against the Numels, but I honestly thought Casserole could handle
    them. I didn’t see Flame Burst coming this early in the game either. The
    Aqua equavalents in Sapphire’s best moves are only Aqua Jet and Bite. That
    really makes Team Magma seem harder, at least early on. Late-game they’re
    probably easier due to their lower Speed, but here while your Pokemon are
    unevolved and still slow, they’re really dangerous. And with the buffed
    Focus Energy… that was brutal. At least story-wise it gives you a reason
    to go after them. The fallen must be avenged!?

  13. thetottenhamgamer on said:

    Not gunna rag on any of your decisions, but I don’t think you should have
    gone in with them. I totally understand WHY you did it, no one wants to see
    a starter solo-run, and they do deserve to “earn their keep”. That said,
    I’ve had alot of experience with Whismur, and I’ll say it’s pretty
    terrible. Once it gets to Loudred, it gets MUCH better, but it really needs
    to be babied, and I think that’s what you should have done. I really
    wanted to see the pair succeed, because I love both Pokemon.

    Also, wow that Lisia voice was… something else, wow. I hope Pikachu turns
    out well, the fact that you can’t evolve it stinks, but the special moves
    are pretty awesome.?

  14. Jochem Loeve on said:

    Would have gone with meteor mash on Pikachu, if you come up against a rock
    type that could be handy?

  15. Conor B on said:

    lol lisia sounds like a feminine version of claptrap from borderlands! :)?

  16. Gaming and Stuff on said:

    Why does this video look a little bit choppy on hd? is it my laptop or is
    it the video??

  17. Mitchell Bratton on said:

    Marriland must’ve trained that Lisia voice for YEARS , just give us this

  18. Abyssionknight on said:

    The quick claw is the killer of pokemon Marriland! I can’t believe you
    trusted such a cursed item. :o?

  19. KittyKittyGaming on said:

    I am in love with the artwork for this series. Calzone was my favourite in
    this series for sure and I was so looking forward to following him along.
    But seeing all of the beautiful artwork of him (and all the others) makes
    me smile. He was loved. <3 I am especially happy of that one artwork of
    Zubat and Tamale in the tree, with Tamale looking down on his mate. That
    was just so adorable. <3 ?

  20. amyvitality66 on said:


    I fell off my chair after Marriland did the Lisia impression. I was like
    “WHAT THE?” XD?

  21. ZenigameDirect on said:

    I think you should be allowed to use Mega Evolution.?

  22. Otterography on said:

    Please tell me you’re doing something in post to create Lisia’s voice.?

  23. Flamecalvin on said:

    And to think, you spent that money on Struggle Bug. :/ And i have to admit,
    WOW, your voices are getting really good, especially for Lisia, like it
    sounded a lot different than just YOUR voice! Great series so far as
    always! :)?

  24. Blue Sparx Let's Plays on said:

    (Commenting before watching)

    First thing I see is that the video is nearly 50 minutes long, so naturally
    my first thought is “oh, god, who died o.o”?

  25. FluffRainbowDash on said:

    I playing along on alpha sapphire. I’m making nuzlocke play through a
    rotational. so all Pokemon that I catch or receive get plenty of exp. So
    far one death for me. ?

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