Netherlands vs Spain 2:0 Full Match | 31.03.2015 HD

5 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Spain 2:0 Full Match | 31.03.2015 HD

  1. football pro on said:
  2. David Van Leeuwen on said:

    Dat was een goede ouderwetse pak slaag.?

  3. Dubai892JK on said:

    Very good quality?

  4. Pasquale Arena on said:

    Bellissima gara da gustare…MAGIE DI STEFAN DE VRIJ—?

  5. DeafEskimo on said:

    Amazing quality with nice commentary, too! Thankyou for the upload.

    I love watching Spain play, even though they aren’t as good as they used to
    be, as their possession is not as precise anymore and there is less
    pressing. They still have players who I would certainly pay to watch every
    day if I could afford to and they make football a lot more entertaining.
    Some of the balance and skill of the players is amazing! ?

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