Minecraft | Night At The Museum | STEAL EVERYTHING! | Thiefcraft (Minecraft Custom Map)

25 thoughts on “Minecraft | Night At The Museum | STEAL EVERYTHING! | Thiefcraft (Minecraft Custom Map)

  1. MrDotRy GamePlayer on said:

    First view??

  2. Audy Love on said:

    Hi Tyler!! I <3 you :*?

  3. Logdotzip on said:

    Alone in the Museum at night, and you’re only job is to steal everything
    inside! Let’s do this!?

  4. Cerebral | Gaming, Graphics, and More! on said:

    Nice video Tyler!?

  5. ben 10 boy on said:


  6. LegitimateCow on said:

    first comment. 100th view.?

  7. Jeong Woo Rhee on said:

    213 views. Unknown comment.

  8. gonzalo spurr on said:

    i am 191 viewer yay


  9. The coin collecter on said:

    Do crafting dead next please

  10. Herschel Heath on said:

    Who else got the reference when Tyler said “Ice Ice Baby”??

  11. mushroomsVS marshmellows on said:

    I Was YELLING At the scerren the ENTIRE TIME OMG I was going yelling for
    future advi c e look at the entire room when you flip a damn Switch?

  12. ashcatchesemall on said:

    This looks like a great map! Probably would’ve died about forty times at
    the lava, pff!?

  13. Jim Butalon on said:

    under the bed at your current spawn point?

  14. Homework on said:

    Tyler you broke the only place item on certain block rule…?

  15. Ian Lee on said:

    Wow I had literally just played that map then this vid pops up?

  16. BrendonXP on said:

    Plz dood turn down ur mic PLZ

  17. Safiyyah Dakri on said:

    Play five nights at Fred it is a sick game?

  18. luigi plays on said:

    wha you also can do is use the bucket of lava remove the lava use the
    bucket and cooldown the lava :p?

  19. Catrina Lambert on said:

    ERMAGURD! Get me a bottle of wasabi sauce, a Carolina reaper and a bowl of
    Cayane peppers. I need food if I’m going to watch this epic video all day?

  20. Isaiah Reize on said:

    Who else screamed COBBLESONE GENERATOR!!!! At their screen when he went to
    the skyblock area.?

  21. Apoctist S on said:

    How bout 1 K likes??

  22. Apoctist S on said:


  23. A Imwalle on said:

    Now I reallllly want to put honey on a banana?

  24. DaCreeperMods on said:

    Lava and ice= cobblestone generator. how could he be so dumb??

  25. thebom101s Gaming on said:

    Your So Stupid!?

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