Litter Box Furniture Is Perfect For Apartments

If you have more than one cat, you probably dread having to clean the litter box. Cat litter boxes need to be cleaned every single day to avoid the nasty smell of cat urine. Some people have the luxury of having a separate space for their kitty litter box. A lot of pet owners keep the kitty litter in a spare room, basement or sun porch. Those living in small houses or apartments can find that a good place for a litter box can be challenging.


In the past, the only solution has been to purchase a covered litter box. Although it prevents someone from seeing the actual litter, everyone still recognizes it as a cat litter box, which can be unappealing to guests. If you do not want your guests noticing a covered cat box sitting in the kitchen or bathroom, there are much better products on the market.

People who live in small spaces should consider purchasing a piece of litter box furniture that is designed to disguise the kitty litter area completely. The litter box can be situated in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom without becoming the main focus of the room. There is wood, laminate, plastic and wicker cat box furniture available. A cat litter cabinet looks just like a regular cabinet but has an easily accessible cat door for the kitty to use. The furniture blends right into the look of any room, and as long as it is regularly cleaned guests will never guess it is hiding a litter box. Guests will no longer have to see the litter box sitting in plain site or even worse have to watch the cat using the litter box. Cats will also appreciate having their private area.

Cat litter furniture is available in some pet shops, but can be difficult to find. There are websites that offer the furniture online (visit website) just make sure to factor in the cost of shipping before ordering a large product.