FIFA 15 La Furia Roja Cup – Best Possible Spain Squad Builder Ultimate Team

25 thoughts on “FIFA 15 La Furia Roja Cup – Best Possible Spain Squad Builder Ultimate Team

  1. Krasi - FIFA 15 Tutorials, Skills, Squad Builders - Tips & Tricks on said:

    If you enjoy this type of content drop a like! Can we smash 500 likes? :)?

  2. Do?ukan Özkanl? on said:

    Great video <3?

  3. Andrea de luca on said:

    I hate this 4-1-4-1 but you play very well?

  4. xXHDXQuickscopeXx der Freund vom Nektarchecker on said:

    Why do you do so often the same type of video like Ovvy ? And when do you
    will say who won the 5million coins ? Im hoping so strong that I won one of
    these accounts !
    LOVE your videos krasi !

  5. Ture Blomgren on said:

    Does he have ps4 controller to xbox??

  6. GrammerNazi7481 on said:

    Typical EA server bullshit.?

  7. Mazaker on said:

    This server disconnections really suck you could try to play these cups on
    ps4 in my opinion the servers are better ober there.?

  8. Alex Zegarac on said:

    Not even shocked that it disconnected, ea is such a joke not. Hoping the
    next pes is amazing. Ea killed fut :(?

  9. FMajic98 on said:

    Nice vid brate you in my opinion the best fifa player at youtube. It would
    be an honour to play against you!?

  10. Emils Krums on said:

    +Krasi – FIFA 15 Tutorials, Skills, Squad Builders – Tips & Tricks I LOVE

  11. Emils Krums on said:


  12. Robert Csatlos on said:

    Can you buy legends on PS4? You have Xbox??

  13. Ruben Rocky on said:

    So unfair that you lost connection to EA servers. Hope they upgrade their
    servers to fifa 16.?

  14. jkSWAgzilla on said:

    Can u do a vid where tout ST always makes runs as much as he can?

  15. YazzHD on said:

    What happened to TOTY Messi? Toty iniesta? What about Toty Ramos??

  16. Mauricio Villarreal on said:

    My man Krasi, would you say I can have a decent attack by combing Javier
    Hernandez and Benzema supported by James Rodriguez and Carlos Vela on the
    wings? Any suggestions you have are appreciated! Also man I love you vida
    and keep up the great work!?

  17. Arthur C on said:

    Your videos are so funny?

  18. A1BG5U6ZK on said:

    You are amazing?

  19. peter ruiz on said:

    krasi, what tactics do you use for this formation? your middle play tactics
    with balanced mentality??

  20. ryan ccapatinta on said:

    Congrats on over 35k Krasi! Your my favorite youtuber, I remember when you
    only had 2k subscribers but people are starting to realize ur the only
    youtuber that uploads daily ?????

  21. Could you show your instructions for your favourite formations ?

  22. MVPlaymaker on said:

    MOTM Thiago (or regular card) for Isco he is much better for a CM?

  23. ahmedushert on said:

    plz krasi when u beacom big on youtube plz dont forget us and dont forget
    ro reply to our comments?

  24. deadgamerops2 on said:

    I just found your channel 2 days ago and I really enjoy the great content
    for you keep up the great vids ?????????

  25. iADENATOR on said:

    Great video again mate!! Can i ask what sort of stuff do you have to do
    your videos in terms of editing and recording your cam???

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