Edurne – Amanecer (Spain) Symphonic version

25 thoughts on “Edurne – Amanecer (Spain) Symphonic version

  1. Eurovision Song Contest on said:
  2. Avril Lavigne on said:


  3. Bryan bro on said:

    8 points from the Netherlands, I love her! She’s awesome!?

  4. ESC Tops and Thoughts on said:

    Edurne has an amazing and breathtaking voice, gorgeous in fact. She has
    participated in other TV programs, and she has the experince. Furthermore,
    she is good looking. The song?… the song is outstanding, epic… a
    masterpiece!! Great beat and lyrics. Well, here we have one of the possible
    winners. A good stanging combined with that will make her be in the Top
    10… at least. Keep working hard Edurne!!?

  5. iPeanut ESC on said:

    Well, I only have to say something. I would like that all the country´s
    were like Spain this year… I only have to say..

    THE MASTERPIECE OF ESC 2015 (Even for me)

    12 Points froooom Sweeedeenn!!!



  6. George Austin Tay on said:

    I have a feeling Spain will do really well this year. All my friends love
    this song! :)?

  7. Ivan Rueda de la Torre on said:

    Spain is te winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Te next year Eurovision
    is in Madrid. Good luck Edurne from Germany?

  8. thejaimes111 on said:

    Will they release an instrumental version of this? <33?

  9. Dood Doodel on said:

    amazing my winner madrid 2016 12 points from Greeceeeeeeeeee 3 love u?

  10. Jason Hard on said:

    Albania will vote for Spain , Spain please vote for Albania?

  11. ardjan sulaj on said:

    The best song this year !! <33
    Madrid 2016!!
    12 points from Albania!!! :)))
    Go Edurne!?

  12. Stéfano Sepúlveda on said:

    I’m in tears! Ladies and gentlemen, here is THE WINNER OF ESC 2015: Miss
    Edurne and her beautiful, epic, dramatic, emotional and sublime Amanecer…

    I’m Speechless…?

  13. Danny Atkins on said:

    In my top 5. along with Russia, Albania, Italy and Iceland. ?????????????????

  14. Nuria Sáez on said:

    Do you hear that? It’s the WINNER ALERT?

  15. Crystalwaves5 on said:

    12 points from Sweden! We love you!?

  16. iDeFoe34 on said:

    Mágica Edurne!!!!?

  17. Mike Oboe on said:

    Still prefering pop version for Eurovision?

  18. Esercito Spagnolo on said:

    Goosebumps omg amazing!?

  19. Lars Nilsson on said:

    What? This version is amazing! I like Spain to win, I really like!

    My 12 points, are for you! kisses from Sweeden, see you in Vienna ;)?

  20. Anthony Real Madrid on said:

    LIKE: Translate in English:
    He left without knowing
    Whether I loved him
    He left without believing in me
    I lost my reason
    I bled so much love
    That I still feel the emptiness, today
    Taking me with you

    My heart whispered
    You wouldn’t return to me without his love

    I walk yesteryear
    Wherever you were
    Today I challenge you to oblivion

    He left without knowing
    Whether I’m not giving up

    My heart whispered
    You wouldn’t return to me without his love

    Give me back the (still) standing soul
    Give me back the dawn
    You come back to me, today

    My heart whispered
    You wouldn’t return to me without his love

    Give me back the (still) standing soul
    Give me back the dawn?

  21. Pablo Z on said:

    Illo está mú bien joé como no gane uyyyyy me lío a torta?

  22. TheGoaBase on said:

    La Divina! ..con el amor de Grecia.?

  23. balsa bulatovic on said:

    Good song wish you good luck from Montenegro ?

  24. Snidged on said:

    Ok. So, I am shaking, I am crying, and I am in love with this version. This
    is everything I love about music. This is what I think Eurovision should be
    about. If this would be the version she would have in the finals, this
    would have all my votes. 12 points from Finland!?

  25. Bernhardina Hörnstein on said:

    Best songs this year: Spain, Norway and Italy.?

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