Acorn Antiques – Episode 3

21 thoughts on “Acorn Antiques – Episode 3

  1. jeffryfourmile on said:

    Have you got the clip of Victoria and Julie as hotel receptionists “Thank
    you for calling the Mayflower hotel, Nottingham this is Samatha

  2. NickLotay on said:

    Yes I have… will get round to uploading it soon.

  3. jeffryfourmile on said:

    brilliant! – thanks in advance!

  4. ohh noo and all that trouble you went to -to find her a pleated skirt

  5. DizChickWannabe on said:

    Hahahahaha. “Your PRECIOUS Miss Babs…” x

  6. evilsheep24 on said:

    Thanks so much for uploading these!

  7. Katie Fraser on said:

    “We wouldn’t want anything broken would we, like your marriage?” LOL!

  8. joeyymate on said:

    Mrs Overall is related to tea and digestives as she is renowned for being
    the tea lady.

  9. joeyymate on said:

    Is it me or are these episodes particularly short. I’ve never seen AA
    before but there only like 4 minutes long?

  10. airscrew1 on said:

    Comedy as it should be. Before the BBC became the channel for sheep. Love
    Rosie Collins – does anyone know what happened to her and can anyone
    remember the advert she appeared in back in 1978??

  11. airscrew1 on said:

    Really!!! I live near there. I might pop into a pub and see if I can find

  12. punchiauntie on said:

    Acorn Antiques was what we used to watch when we had free periods at
    college. Absolutely loved the show & Victoria Woods’ work.

  13. benjo231 on said:

    Celia Imrie…funny as!!! Victoria and Julie need to do a new series, a one
    off xmas special or something!

  14. NickLotay on said:

    Funny you should say that – Victoria is returning to TV comedy with a brand
    new Christmas special for the BBC this year! Not sure if Julie will be a
    part of it, but we’ll have to wait and see. Good news for VW fans anyway…
    (Source: The Guardian)

  15. Frank Mc on said:

    Love the way, it’s always the same customers!

  16. lickstickly on said:

    Celia Imrie really was a sex goddess when she was Ms Babbs, i often think
    of her whenever im watching the show jumping or grilling a tomato as well

  17. Paul Haigh on said:


  18. Christian Scott on said:

    Love the “plenty of sellotape” comment as Celia hands over the world’s
    smallest roll of tape.

  19. breedak on said:

    @lickstickly Too right! 🙂

  20. breedak on said:

    I love this!

  21. Den Bishop on said:

    It’s amazing what you can find in a waterproof packet tied to a lavatory
    ballcock if you look hard enough! lol

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